In this page I collected main information about me

Software engineer with 11 years of experience. Focused on fault tolerant, distributed systems, highload, golang, high availability services, terminal and vim user.

I am currently involved in the development of the Platform as a Service in Avito. The platform allows product development to spend little time on routine tasks and low-level tools and provides about 1500 services. Before that, I was architect of the highload project, where was engaged in the scaling of a large monolith. I also previously worked as a leading engineer at Skyeng, where formed a distributed team and built processes, then successfully restarted and supported one of the projects. However, the desire to be closer to engineering tasks took over.

I worked not only in companies, but also engaged in outsourcing for the first years of professional experience.

I am interested in infrastructure, architecture of distributed applications, construction of failover services, SOA, devops. I write the code on go and bit python.